What is Word Paladin.

Word Paladin refers to a collection of my posts, some of which appear daily across social media.

I live in the port city of Klaipeda, Lithuania, a free and independent country with a colorful past that rests along the Baltic Sea. I teach Communication and Journalism courses at LCC International University.

My students found their way here from more than 50 countries. The future resonates in them. Many come from conflict zones, but those are another generation’s conflicts. Students who come from Israel and Syria, Russia and Ukraine share pizza and they dream together. They make up one of the surprising joys of living here.

I was surprised to find myself here after living in New York City on the comfortable and artsy Upper West side. A friend asked if I would like a few months to teach and wander in the geographic middle of Europe. Why wouldn’t I?

The people here come from families who have endured some of life’s harshest histories. In the end, mighty overlords, Nazis, Soviets and Prussians, each broke apart on these chilly shores. One of my office mates was drawn here from Siberia. They have endured life’s difficulties and they are still standing.

My own travels and adventures bridge higher education, journalism, and professional worlds in the U.S. and abroad.

My own trail of experiences helped prepare me to live among these people with a humbled sense of appreciation, The trail is rich in diversity held together by strong threads. These interludes include teaching and administration in rival countries such as the United States and China. Network television news that took me everywhere. Stints in civil liberties law, corporate risk training, consulting with large and small companies and a colorful life in Christian ministry, media, and entertainment.
My media work has included multimedia newspapers, radio, and network television with CBN News and CNN International.
I managed to earn five useful degrees along the way, including an M.A. in Communication and a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership.

I am single, following my wife Ethel passing away from a treacherous and unforgiving battle with cancer seven years ago. My three children, Mary Ann, John and Katherine are grown and thriving.

In addition to teaching, I enjoy writing and I find daily redemption in Christian ministry. An unlikely disciple of Jesus Christ, I find him remarkably full of surprises. Among my favorite things to do include travel, beach life, exploring coffee shop life, and street photography. At the moment, I am maintaining my social distance from others while viral clouds pass by.

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