Soak in 32 Ballerinas from around the world.

By Michael Patrick, Ph.D.

We do this to ourselves.
Turn on television these days and the news quickly becomes a movie torture scene.
It’s like when the bad guys blast heavy metal music into the prisoner’s cell while forcing the poor fellow into a stupor under searing klieg lights for endless hours.
Day after day, the relentless voices of Fauci, Trump, Cuomo, Pelosi, and these horribly familiar news media shills who shout their numbing, one-sided lies at us in their practiced voices (who actually speaks like that in real life?) it could leave your soul wrecked in despair.
Be kind to yourself. Take a restoring break and soak in these healing and ethereal moments. This is the most extraordinary and enchanting performance.
It reminds you that there is more to life than being beaten and crushed into government compliance over Covid-19.
Be blessed and uplifted.

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