“For Your Safety“

By Michael Patrick, Ph.D.

When the major news media starts shouting and spinning wall-to-wall that something is for your own good, that’s pitching, not reporting. When the government starts selling instead of serving, the only question is how much more power and control are they after today.

“Für ihre sicherheit”, translated “For your safety” echoed from trucks broadcasting in German streets to assure citizens that the government had something wonderful in mind if they would only cooperate. Today, social media enterprises also have enlisted in this movement, lock, stock, and platform. They now monitor your personal communications closely, and they promote narrow population control messages on your sites.
Turns out major media, government, and politics—the horsemen of our own apocalypse— spooked, upended, and dismantled much of our country to allegedly save us from monsters. Now that we get a closer look at the real, far lower numbers and death rates, they are changing their extreme claims and stories as fast as they can.

Certainly, Covid-19 cut a fierce and horrifying path across the planet. They say it’s all about health; but Covid-19 isn’t the only killer in the field. The widespread destruction of our free society is rapidly claiming lives with very minimal coverage in the news.
Don’t wait for some TV commentator’s permission to get on with things. The time has come to take back your own life and your communities from these characters. Unless you are old, frail, or otherwise vulnerable, stop isolating. Take sensible precautions going forward, but be sure you keep a close eye on who are the real monsters.

Ask questions. Who or what was seized or destroyed in this Faustian promise to somehow rescue and save you from yourselves. Just say “no” to these handlers who work for you.

The story is not over. The real suffering across their brave new landscape for us has only just begun. Let us remind ourselves that our children’s future depends on our choices, not theirs, going forward.

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