The Covid and the Chaos

By Michael Patrick, Ph.D.

Chaos comes in waves and spreads like a virus. Masks won’t help you. America’s violent tempers this Spring are no exception.

Protests across major cities reflect serious existing racial and police reform issues. George Floyd’s slow-motion murder by several cops in broad daylight was sufficient cause for the latest implosion.

Mayors were left begging protestors not to escalate beyond Martin Luther King protests into violence and looting that destroyed their own communities.

The nationwide riots and protests fanning out beyond “The Land of 10,000 Lakes” came like birth pangs amid worldwide eruptions this Spring and summer —see sample reports in two Reuters articles linked below.

Why now? Part of the answer lies in knowing the difference between what is achieved by sparking riots and looting versus a street protest.

There’s no doubt that paycheck-to-paycheck Americans have taken quite a beating across the landscape in recent months. Most of us are weary of it, yes. When we grow tired enough of the excuses, we will demand answers and discover why.

Here’s some advice for helping sort out what’s going on:

1. Chaos is a pattern that most of us don’t understand yet.

2. It doesn’t take a conspiracy to bring a nation down when consensus will do nicely, thank you.

3. Don’t expect the barking majority of big media to contribute all that much because the answers won’t likely won’t fit their strictly pre-cut dogma narratives.

Lastly, ask discomforting questions. Keep in mind that fear has fingerprints: It balks, misdirects, threatens, and ultimately demands compliance. Truth is a big boy and can take care of itself in the end, so play nice whenever you can. Don’t expect all others to play well because many lack any real investment in it.

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