The Search for A Livable Planet

By Michael Patrick, Ph.D.

Astronomers say they’ve found a planet circling a suitable sun that sort of resembles earth.

Evidently, as replacement planets go for our earth, it might do just fine, except only Chris Pratt, Jennifer Lawrence, and other actor-passengers might get there because it’s 3000 light years away.
The place is a smidge less than twice the size of earth, so it could hold plenty of people. Its sun is not so bright, so you’d need less sunblock on vacations, and you’d have 13 more shopping days before Christmas.
I just want to know if their inhabitants are spending their precious lives hiding in their homes, waiting for some idiot to give them permission to go outside and make a living? Are they busy running around beating the Beelzebub out of each other because their politics and skin colors don’t matchy-match?
My hunch is they really wouldn’t want our cranky bunch dropping by for a visit and a slice of lemon cake and, frankly, I don’t blame them. We should probably keep looking for a back-up planet.

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