An American Father’s Day

By Michael Patrick, Ph.D.

The image of the father of our country, George Washington, face down in the dirt today, is a sign of the times.

Too many Americans have lost hope in this country, and sadly, they are choosing a much darker path that many others have traveled.

Extreme revolutionary movements eventually abhor and frequently overthrow the art and symbols of previous generations. The art before them offends their every sensibility. Look at ISIS in the Middle East. Consider Mao in China.

Art is often an early casualty—the indicative canary in the mineshaft. The violent Left has hijacked a non-violent call for needed change, and the usurpers are preparing for confrontation. They seize and destroy property of others and speak loudly their values by their actions.

It is not a non-violent movement. Those who might have preferred a non-violent path are standing silently as violent elements foment chaos, destruction, and a seizing of power by any means.

I recall standing in front of Emanuel Leutze’s iconic painting of George Washington at the MET in New York, lamenting with Chinese friends about the loss of centuries of their own treasures when Mao rose to power violently. Mao’s wife led the purge of all symbols that offended the new communist party’s outlook.

If you don’t readily grasp the connection between the toppling of George Washington’s statue by the street uprising in Portland and what we can soon anticipate will happen to countless similar images of America’s founding leaders, then you are willfully ignorant of what too often happens to art in violent revolutions.

Happy Father’s Day.

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