“God Bless America”. You First?

By Michael Patrick, Ph.D.

In visiting America this summer, I am astonished how pseudo-leaders of every political party and among all races are now easily co-opted, shamed, and intimidated into submission by the country’s domestic enemies. Sedition has become a second language, yet no one calls it out or dares denounce it.
Hatred and loathing of all things American appear in high fashion. America’s history and heroes of every stripe are trashed along with the Star Spangled Banner. We forget who we were and how many people bled and died to get this America and its unique liberties this far.

People such as Dr. Anthony Fauci, who deliberately dodged American laws to fund his pet Covid bat research in Wuhan, China, using millions of your tax dollars. Suddenly, Fauci was allowed to outrageously guide America’s extreme responses, the results of which have cost us dearly by every social measurement. Why was that fox put in charge of the henhouse?
Yet, we now stand by watching thieves with clever words and hateful hearts openly steal our futures too, and we say nothing. Major media are also brimming with rage and they censor alternative voices.
If you publicly defend your home, your liberties, your community, or your country, you will be vilified. Instead, lawlessness is championed. Power has corrupted absolutely and ugly allegiances to cripple America thrive in the hallways of our nation’s capital.
People from Seattle to New York are giving in to levels of chaos, even as folks are learning how to run and hide in their homes in fear, silence, and obedience.
We are depending on weak and flaccid leaders to fix things for us in our own communities. They can’t or they won’t. Not enough people are saying “enough” and “no more”. That day, I hope, is coming.

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