Control, Censorship, and America’s “New Normal“. (If you think this reality is bizarre, wait 90 days.)

By Michael Patrick, Ph.D.

A few of you may recall a joke from the ancients, namely, Cheech and Chong, that “just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you.”

Sam Walker, an ex-pat journalist and friend was commenting recently that the coordinated protests, hijacked into violent riots and fundraisers in several cities, were egged on by elected officials who brushed aside safeguarding private and public property, and protecting the lives of innocent residents. Forget the social distancing forced on others locked up at home. Sam rightly observed that “the mayhem is the point.” Stirring up fear and dread in the cities has served the purposes of those seeking greater controls and political power. The injuries and death of innocents, including black citizens, will be chalked up to collateral damage. Rest assured, things will grow more violent in the coming months.

Admittedly, I buried the lead: The most damaging outcome of Covid-19 was not the latest virus itself; it was how it was used to help collapse America.
That’s why, as a result, it’s time for me to make some changes in the time I spend allowing my life choices, personal affairs, and relationships to be mediated by apps and social media .
Since my experience in China, where most things are only permissible via the state, I’ve grown attentive to what it means to no longer live in a country where you can truly live freely.
By free, I mean that you can stand up and travel when and where you please, associate with whomever you want, live by your convictions, express what you want, communicate your thoughts with others, and enjoy privacy for your own affairs without a monitor granting you permission. We considered these rights in the U.S. Bill of Rights as issues fundamental to our former manner of life.
For starters, consider some of the fallout of Covid-19.
We’ve acted as if we considered social media —Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Gmail, TicToc, Google, and others as our rightful playground and that the commercial owners and operators would never dare violate the sacred trust of the First Amendment.

We were wrong. That is simply not a sustainable truth anymore. Nearly everyone I know has friends or friends-of-friends who’ve had their content checked and removed because the entity, e.g. Facebook, didn’t agree with their outlook.
People are no longer allowed to communicate particular ideas that differ from those who wish to control our society and culture in keeping with their own aspirations and ambitions.
I am shortening the rant here for now, just to say that Americans are beginning to live in a surreal world—somebody else’s tightly controlled narrative—in which life’s basic choices—to go, to say, to associate, to behave or misbehave, to get information about the world around us depends entirely upon our compliance, and the permissions and approvals of others.
In response, I am deliberately and steadily disconnecting. For example, when Twitter recently started censoring accounts of some people who were displaying the Star of David because Twitter considers it “hateful imagery,” I closed my Twitter account. Not only because their actions violated freedom of religion, but also freedom of thought, freedom of speech, and association. The fact that I have Jewish ancestory mixed with my feisty Scottish heritage is not overlooked by me. Yes, Twitter recanted to pressure, but the politically correct watchdog still lurks and bites the folks it doesn’t like.
I am considering next steps now that it has become clearer that our social media giants and the national press have teamed up to go after alternative voices among countless qualified medical practitioners.
They are worried about doctors speaking freely in all sorts of upcoming health-related circumstances, including government ambitions for social and cultural controls, and tacitly forced inoculations. Your choices will most likely be heavily restricted without proof of injections.

I once had a voracious appetite for reading and watching everything. I wanted diverse perspectives. Despite the internet, that effort via mainstream outlets has all but vanished. There are far fewer distinctly different stories selected and made available to the regular public. The narrowly prescribed storylines are all nearly identical, with minor exceptions in preferring one side or the other, but only a handful of genuine alternative voices. The media drumbeat to “get in line” on any issue is monotonous.
In my experience, the press in America is simply no longer legitimately free. By consensus, it follows a narrowly prescribed narrative and they broker no serious dissent. The press was once the voice for the voiceless. They are now the silencers for anyone not on “the talking points” list for their brand of social and cultural change.

Like the Chinese under one-party rule, Americans are fast growing accustomed to this “new normal” following the driving fears of Covid-19. Now that speech is increasingly under control, freedom of movement and freedom of association—they call it “contact”—will become practically regulated, expanded, and controlled at all levels.
Don’t be lulled to sleep by convenience. Once the gates close to the corral where you have been herded, they won’t easily reopen them.
Don’t be paranoid, but be open to listen to the deafening sounds of state intrusiveness, identification, and control. The control freaks are all now happily moving forward “for your own good”.
Pardon me while I publish this to a narrowing readership, if and wherever I still can.

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