The Question The Press Doesn’t Want To Ask or Answer

By Michael Patrick, Ph.D.

CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and other usual press suspects are revealing a remarkable lack of curiosity about the Democratic Party’s standard-bearer, Joe Biden, days before the Democratic Convention.
Perhaps because they already know what increasing numbers of the public and insiders in both parties suspect, that is, that Joe Biden’s dementia symptoms are worsening.
Press outlets in Great Britain and Australia are already asking questions.
In a recent Rasmussen poll, about 4 in 10 likely voters, including 1 in 5 democratic voters, believe Biden is struggling mentally with dementia.
Unless the issue is squarely and publicly addressed, the perceptions will worsen. The realities surrounding Biden’s mental health could lead to major troubles at the coming democratic convention and in three upcoming presidential debates with President Trump.
Democratic insiders and major press allies are hoping that he dodges any debate with Trump that could expose his alleged illness. The press has also strictly avoided asking any of the traditional challenging questions in candidate interviews with Biden. The difficulty is that nobody in the party or the press appears ready to deal with the answers.

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