Run or Hide, Covid is Not Going Away

By Michael Patrick, Ph.D.

The numbers built into the Covid “case” counting game on the network scoreboards include people who may have been in the vicinity of a person who actually tested positive for active or prior Covid antibodies, but for the acquaintance, there is no legitimate medical evidence that they have it.
At this rate, we will be like a puppy chasing and biting its own tail forever.
It’s time to take a realistic assessment based on the history of viruses that even an expensive vaccine won’t eradicate it. Viruses this widespread stick around.
We need to stop crushing people and society with extreme measures that are ruining lives and livelihoods, and piling on the equally deathly results from addictions, hunger, abuse, homelessness, and the chaos that comes from believing somebody else is going to cut you a check and bail you out.
America must now learn to live with it. The real problem is, can we learn to live with ourselves?

One thought

  1. Well said. Nothing in my remembrance has made a victim of so many people so quickly. As victims there is an accompanying righteous indignation that demands “justice” or at least compensation. The well fed house cat has forgotten how to hunt.

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