The Coming Election Derailment

By Michael Patrick, Ph.D.

I have cautioned many friends not to expect a clear and convincing outcome in the U.S. presidential race until at least January 6th, 2021. That is when Congress is responsible for certifying the electoral college vote and election results.
Issues ranging from mail-in ballot delivery and counting, disqualified mail-in ballots numbering in the hundreds of thousands, voter assistance and ballot fraud, federal court challenges similar to the 2000 elections, recount calls, and record mayhem in major cities are the most visible disruptions adding to the electoral chaos.

As a reminder, The Electoral College insures all states are recognized with representative electoral votes. Otherwise, popular voting in a small handful of densely populated states, such as California, New York and Texas, would alone determine all national elections. But a popular-versus-electoral split may also provoke and inflame unrest this year.

Any additional outside or environmental threats to the nation’s stability will only make matters worse. In short, brace yourself. The next three to six months have all the earmarks of what may well be remembered as the most volatile period in American politics in any living person’s memory.

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