Mass Vaccinations and Masking Orders Promised

By Michael Patrick, Ph.D.

As odd as it may sound, valued “free choices” about personal health care may affect how people vote in November.

Only one presidential candidate has confirmed that he plans to mandate mass public submission to a presidential order on health as part of his first days in office, e.g., Joe Biden’s universally required Covid masking, along with new quarantines.

Virginia’s top health officer has announced his plans to immediately order and legally require mass vaccinations in Virginia, if he remains in office after the elections.

A recent national poll shows that one-third of Americans would refuse taking a Covid-19 vaccine immediately until side effects are proven over time.

Social science has repeatedly shown that people naturally adopt major changes in their lives more slowly, therefore, immediate government mandated mass requirements could fuel significant conflict in a highly divisive culture, leading to active resistance and backlash in the courts.

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