Why Americans are Not Rushing to Adopt Experimental Covid Vaccines.

Associated Press poll.

When you hear U.S. Covid numbers on the news or recommended by social media nannies, do not swallow them at face value. Do some homework. “Cases” are composites made up of a wide assortment lumped together, as are death statistics.
Secondly, most of the media, such as CNN, evidently fail to understand the proven reality that people accept and adopt innovations of any kind at different speeds.
Anchors who ridicule, make snotty remarks, ask leading questions of select guests, smirk, engage in fear-mongering, and level know-it-all criticism at half of Americans because they are not eager to run out and take experimental vaccines are flatly ignorant and their actions are counter-productive.
Sadly, that’s what networks do now. They don’t report—they pitch and sell their own viewpoints as hard as they can.
For better or worse, a great many Americans naturally distrust government rules, requirements, and mandates, meddling social media, and journalists. Like it or not, it still takes time to persuade a free people. We do not live in a command-and-control state—not yet, at least.
Anchors are like politicians: they largely landed their jobs because of their good voices, their ability to read copy that others wrote for them, and their strong jaw lines. Too many of them fail at the humility and respectful temperament necessary to rebuild public trust.
Public trust must still be earned. The sad creatures who inhabit the media world have manipulated people too many times by restricting dialogue and only facilitating those perspectives that they prefer.
Start painting pictures using all the colors, not just the ones you like, and people will come along freely at their own speeds or they won’t.

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