Breaking Away

By Michael Patrick, Ph.D.

Dear Friends,

I am settling in safely in Lithuania as the Fall season dusted the trees with gold and a crisp chill greets us each morning. Thank you so much for your intercessions and sacrificial gifts to enable me to move forward on many fronts here. Opportunities to build relationship have opened for me that would not have happened without you.

When we started CBN News many years ago, it was an eight-foot table with research piled on it. Those were exciting days when our research came from our fieldcraft, phone calls, and thick file cabinets. It still does in many ways. Those files are now located in clouds or on cell phones. Our back-pocket devices have such a deep and regular part of our public and private lives.

In those days, the Lord in His mercy allowed me to make connections and spot things coming in the news before it was widely known or visible, so that I might work with the insights of others to prepare many stories in advance before they broke publicly.
Surprisingly, that is happening again. What occupies my attention now are not profound revelations, but we are blessed to be alerted early of developments with spiritual significance. In a word, major social media outlets are getting prepared, wittingly or by the momentum of our times, to help orchestrate great evil in our world.
As human beings, the majority of us have become incredibly dependent and addicted to our devices. We are rarely a moment without them. We gaze at them when we wake up and they often put us to sleep at night.

We are led to believe that social media serves us, but we are now becoming increasingly aware of how much we serve them. One writer a generation ago described a time when major social media would become extensions of our bodies, minds, souls, and relationships. We are now at serious risk of becoming heavily dependent extensions of those who control and manipulate these platforms.
While in China, I witnessed frightening applications of new technologies and major social media to influence and control populations of Chinese citizens.

When I saw that our own American social media systems are adopting similar tactics for population control and to restrict and regulate free thought and free speech, I realized America is on the path to do similar things as China, only in more subtle ways.

Fear is the Great Manipulator because it makes us more dependent and compliant. We question less. We don’t listen to reasonable alternatives. We rush to follow the herd . We make some of the most extreme and damaging choices because we are led to believe that it is all for our own good.

This is why I wrote in my earlier blog on Free Speech that I am slowly transitioning away from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for awhile. They are squelching vital speech regularly now—not just fringe speech, but highly educated professionals and others who say things that are not stamped and approved by the government or progressive minders. It is time for me personally to start unplugging.

I am transitioning to WordPress where I keep a blog, That is where you are reading this letter, linked via Facebook. If you look at the images below, the circled three dots—available on most of my pages—this is where you can click and sign up. You will then get an email alert every time I publish. I will be transitioning for the next few months as I increase my posts there and eventually disconnect from major social media outlets altogether. You can also simply type in and it will bring you to my site.

I hope we can stay in contact. I will endeavor to keep you posted on developments. The next generation gives me great hope, but it will be hope discovered while traversing the intense darkness of our times.

The worst is coming. I join the voices of others who sense that all things that can be shaken will be shaken, but we can endure and thrive together. May God keep you safe and bold in Him. As we conquer the fears surrounding us, Jesus will give us insights into our times so that we can make a difference in reaching others. God bless you and guide your steps with His peace.

Click on triple dots to subscribe for free. You may all simply type in your browser.
By the Baltic Sea, Lithuania, 2020

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