Fear and Loathing at CNN and MSNBC

By Michael Patrick, Ph.D.

As friends know, I don’t like wearing masks, but I wear them daily, sometimes up to 3 or 4 at a time.

I’ve listened and watched as MSNBC and CNN were seething, and finally lost their collective minds on-air in escalating tirades when Trump dared to recover quickly and walk out of the hospital in three days. He recovered from Covid-19 and encouraged fellow Americans not to “let Covid dominate your life.”

When video showed Donald Trump, standing alone on a balcony, take his mask off, CNN’s anchor literally lost it in fury at the image, screaming at the director to kill the video. The image totally and emotionally enraged him.

A healthy respect for Covid is very sensible, and we’ve all suffered in our own ways from it. Yet, fear-mongering hatred and letting Covid “dominate” all our lives in this war against disease is also incredibly destructive and costs lives. Such wild, control-freak reactions by news anchors is even more outrageous and counter-productive to their own fierce coverage efforts to deny Trump a second term.

To the control freaks who think they can control our media, control who we listen to, control what we see, control what we read, control what we think, control where we go, control our kids, and control what we do with what is left in our free country, here’s our reply.

Scream at us all you like. Americans will rise above Covid responsibly and defeat it, but your efforts to impose your will on every aspect of our lives and our families’ lives by “dominating” us with your fear will come to a shattering end faster than you think.

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