The Star of the VP Debate was…

Michael Patrick, Ph.D.

Up before dawn to watch the live stream of the Vice-Presidential debate. I was a guest again on journalist Mengfei Li’s show in Beijing.
China garnered plenty of attention last night with Sen. Kamala Harris declaring Trump had “lost the trade war with China”. VP Mike Pence reiterated that Trump-Pence would hold Beijing responsible for Covid’s spread.
The pair batted the ball back and forth over who would do a better job in creating jobs and rebuilding the economy and healthcare. Both sides waved the “pre-existing conditions” flag.
Harris also praised China’s President Xi Jinping, the head of the Chinese Communist Party, as someone held in higher esteem and respect than President Donald Trump by some leaders. She spoke against ending the agreement with Iran, and she criticized tough talk with NATO allies as hurting international relationships. Pence countered on Middle East progress and repeatedly tagged her with the addage, “You are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own set of facts.” They sparred on a full range of issues, each of them dodging their share of answers. They kept it civil, elbowing each other for more time.
At coffee this morning, perhaps the most talked-about character of the night, although not in my show with Mengfei, was Mr. Fly, who was winging it on Pence’s snowy white head. Whatever hot buttons the two could-become-presidents were yakking about, most people were riveted to see where the fly might perch next or if he was bedding down for the night.
Pence and Harris finally walked away, with Harris having tried to look less radical than her record, and Pence trying to reassure the base and revive the Trump campaign.
There wasn’t a clear winner and there didn’t need to be. Perhaps it was enough that they didn’t climb down on the stage floor and leg wrestle.
By the way, Mr. Fly wasn’t wearing a mask. Perhaps he worked for the Trump campaign and he didnt read the new memo on social distancing. Regardless, he no doubt relished his one moment in the spotlight. Shrewd dude.

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