The End of America’s Uncivil War

By Michael Patrick, Ph.D.

The measure of how long America’s uncivil war will last and how violent it gets will depend on how soon we come to terms with ourselves and our opponents. Judging by what I hear, our troubles are only beginning, and it’s a conflict in which we may all lose painfully.
As long as we fool ourselves into believing that we can’t thrive unless “they” think like us, the deeper the chasm goes until none are left.
Stop kidding yourselves. What is happening has been lived untold thousands of times over in human history. It usually ends badly. Are you willing to do better?

Things won’t change in America because of a particular president or law or science or gold or statues or burning dumpsters or police or lockups or lockdowns or the illusions of government largess.
Things will change only when we again share a narrative and hope for our future that we are willing to believe in—a story that we can all embrace despite our differences.
That feels a long way off today.
Tyrion Lannister explains.

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