2020 Elections, Seven Kingdoms style.

By Michael Patrick, Ph.D.

Ob-blah-dee, Ob-blah-da. Morning coffee musings.
Crushing last long day of Final exams before needed break. Chatting up China contacts about Biden.
The Debate Commission is dodging foreign policy—historic debate topic—in obvious desperation. The usual media suspects and Bad Tech have thrown their biggest blankets over any adult Biden coverage of China funny money dealings. China is betting Biden for the win.
The FBI and one presumes CIA’s China watchers are still doing their bits, slow-walking evidence. That’s the least they can do.
With their full court press to sideline Trump, the numbers still make him the underdog. I think he does his better work there.
Speaking of politics, cloaks, and daggers, I’m rewatching “Game of Thrones,” rooting for fave Arya Stark, and supporting Bran Stark for President. May get the T-shirt made this week-end. The Seven Kingdoms aren’t any more treacherous than Washington, DC.

2 Thoughts

  1. Hope you can get some rest after the intensive finals. O Mike, I got off paypal, please could you resend me a link to donate to to your account at the university? Hopefully, I can do it via credit card. Thanks. 😍




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