When Press Colludes, Truth Is the First Casualty.

By Michael Patrick, Ph.D.

Predictably, truth was the first casualty in this culture war. The American press has colluded actively with partisans and their integrity has been fatally compromised. Ultimately, as things go in this imperfect world, the consequences will come back to haunt them.

The press partisanship in these elections is arguably the most flagrant journalistic malpractice in memory.
The press has chosen a political side and doubled down, bending, hiding, and reinventing the story to this purpose, regardless of the evidence. They will live to regret this precedent when rising powers turn against them. And, as history repeatedly proves, they will, inevitably. The fault will be their own.
The rallying to Biden’s defense and subsequent suppression and cover-up are not simply more prejudicial media mindlessness; it is a rare turning point. In the long view, I am doubtful that this bastardizing condition is recoverable for at least a generation. The visible collapse of a free press is going to cost us all.


2 Thoughts

  1. I want to know more about Biden’s son in China and his possible involvement. But also Trump’s business and bank accounts in China. If accurate, it represents an obvious unacceptable conflict on interest.


    1. Both questions came up in debate with Biden’s CEO in China holding press conference just before debate, turning 3 full cell phones and more docs over to Senate.
      My concern, of course, is the partisan media blackout and Bad Tech—Google, FB, Twitter actively censoring people including gov’t officials about this. Tonight I helped Chinese associates be able to see the debates. Doing a show there in a few minutes. For American news media and Social media to engage in Censorship like China’g govt practices is not acceptable here.
      Bad Tech requires regulation. Check out Netflix documentary about Facebook. It blew away my university students who watched it. They had no idea.


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