Who is Up-Ending U.S. Elections? Russia, China are Least of Our Worries.

By Michael Patrick, Ph.D.

I am prepping to try explaining to Chinese journalists and audiences, who are watching the presidential debate tomorrow, why U.S. journalists and some social media owners would smother hard evidence about a politician caught influence-peddling and in a likely illegal kick-back scheme in China?

The Chinese have hard questions and I do too.

  • Since when is censoring U.S. citizens from knowing or talking considered the oft-touted free speech rights or a free press?
  • Is it true they quashed the voices of a major NYC newspaper, F.B.I., and law enforcement sources?
  • Why did American media puff up empty charges to blame those who exposed it, and deliberately attempt to do what they falsely accused Russia of doing—throw a major free election?
  • Doesn’t this sordid behavior give so-called “free press” a bad name?

My sad reply? Elections in America are not really free anymore—power and fortunes change in too many hands, foreign and domestic. Most journalists reveal their allegiances and they are no longer independent. It’s understandable why you don’t trust American Bad Tech operators in China. Increasingly, as Americans, we wonder about them too.

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