We have Forgotten How to Tell the Whole Truth, And It’s Killing Us.

By Michael Patrick, Ph.D.

At some moment, we have all lied to our advantage by not telling the whole story.

When was the last time you saw a politician in one party praise the character or accomplishments of someone in another party?

Nearly no one tells the whole story anymore, and it’s killing the country. Not the news media and especially not elected officials in Washington, D.C.. Even our health officials fudge the truth about the Corona virus.
Worst of all, Americans keep electing and re-electing people in both political parties who tell only half-truths about themselves or their opponents.

Once upon a time, free Americans believed in, demanded, and taught their children to “tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth.” As a child, I got in greater trouble for spinning a half-truth than for committing the original offense.

Our lying habits have undermined our culture. The failed character, honesty, and integrity has had disastrous long-term consequences. Need ready examples? Try the final presidential debate.

“Coyotes”? Immigrant children reuniting with parents? Who voted for the crime bill, and why? The Heroes Act- what’s in that? There’s always a significant part of a story that professional politicians conveniently forget to mention.

Whether you love or hate commentator Tucker Carlson, listen to just a handful of examples he offered about what were half-truths, accusations, and spin in the debate. CNN’s newsroom chased after Trump in “fact-checking”, but sadly without offering a lick of balanced coverage.


The day we start admitting the inconvenient truths about our enemies, the parts where they are right or have legitimate arguments, is the day we start to heal.

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