Can We Trust Their Half-Truths Anymore?

By Michael Patrick, Ph.D.

This 2020 election has brought out the worst in us, from organized chaos in the streets that has ripped up and shut down cities to High Tech censorships that are finally outed from the closet.

What “they” tell you in convenient half-truths about everything is bad enough. It’s what they refuse to tell you or block you from share with others that is more devastating. We do not know the extent of it, but it doesn’t take any conspiracy theory to suspect that this technological iceberg is much bigger than what we can see on the surface. While the trickeries of high muckety-mucks in Russia, China, and Iran may concern us, our domestic media gamesmanship interferes with and alters our elections in what was once free country.

We can anticipate that, much like in China where I lived, within only a handful of years, our systems will dominate the smallest thing, such as whether you can buy or sell, travel or leave your home, visit family.

Plenty of private companies, movements, and alphabet agencies already regulate our personal lives, but our very state of being has become the new territory that others seek to invade and reshape in their image. They will justify it like a new government vaccine— it’s ostensibly for our own good and the good of everyone around us.

For example, Government health care systems will increasingly track if you are considered a good and healthy citizen by your consumer choices. I’ve listened to political leaders how to monitor and control who you associate with, where you go, the number of hamburgers you eat or how many sodas you drink.

The questions aren’t simply whether you can live with the deepening controls. Some of us understandably embrace them as necessary. The question remaining is can your children survive?

These are slightly older stats— it’s worsening now. One in five third graders own smartphones, according to a Common Sense survey. Make that three out of four by their early teens.
Pre-teens are controlled by their phone screens 4.75 hours a day. Teens are tied up 7.4 hours a day, not counting homework or school.
If you think that’s wise or responsible parenting or you believe that “going with the flow” will turn out okay mentally, physically, socially, culturally, politically or spiritually, you’ll be one of those tens of millions of sad unfortunates who are in for a sharp and painful surprise when it’s too late and you are experiencing terrible results in your family the hard way.

Watch the Netflix documentary, the Social Dilemma, for starters. Things are worse when you consider our daily addictions and dependencies. Could you go a day without your phone. How much would not having it disrupt others who depend on you.

How do we break the deeper addictions? The answers are in our hands.

Do yourself an eternal favor. Take a break soon. See if you have enough left of a tangible, authentic, non-electronic life to sustain yourself and your family without the “Matrix” for an entire week. The answers you find may surprise you.

One thought

  1. Sad and scary trends. Good thing there is a King and Shepherd! And life everlasting on the way… bright hopes!




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