Liars, Damn Liars, and Pollsters.

By Michael Patrick, Ph.D.

A story and a lesson about national polling.
I once lived in a town where the doctors were nice enough fellows, but their surgical experience was,um, limited to a handful of things. When patients got seriously ill, the docs tended to diagnose “appendicitis”. Lots of people got appendectomies . Doctors made money on the surgeries, the patients lived somehow, even if months later, they dropped dead of cancer or heart disease.
Pollsters are kind of like doctors with only a couple of tricks in their bag.
So they sell candidates expensive polls.
A leftist who I know was observing, as I have, that the “symptoms” in the biden campaign, e.g. parking lot rallies filled mostly with cars, basement-driven campaigns, lackluster enthusiam, etc., don’t align with most pollsters’ glowing diagnoses.
Today, I saw this green CNN pollster adamant about a widespread Biden victory.
Reminds me of another patient getting in line for an appendectomy.
My Dear Dem friends, skip the pollsters, take two aspirin, and reconsider the symptoms.
Maybe Biden wins. Maybe he gets pantsed. Only a few more days and we will all know.

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