Covid’s Greatest Threat

By Michael Patrick, Ph.D.

You Know Who showed me something this morning that has changed things completely.

I’ve been disheartened deeply for days. Personal reasons mostly. Yesterday, I deliberately snapped the neck of a recalcitrant coat-hanger for no sane person’s reason. Locking this horse in the barn for months has proven intolerable. Not sure how much longer I will do it.

This morning I went for breakfast and found a restaurant closed and a coffee shop only doing take-out because good people are terrified.

At some stage in your life, everything can kill you. The flu, pneumonia, Covid, drinking, smoking, cancer, a chicken sandwich—just ask Mama Cass.

When you’re younger and healthier, the numbers confirm that these hazards won’t often kill you, albeit, a bad teen-aged hangover might make that debatable.

I finally realized what beast owns the fiercest record for crushing individual lives, societies, and nations throughout time. Covid-19’s greatest destruction is not from the disease itself, but from what storms in along with it. Look at what has been erased permanently in the U.S. on every level in less than a year? As I write, this crippling condition is crushing America, from the inside out.

Fear. Waves of fear in every size, shape, form, and politic. Fear in words. Fear in threats. Fear in deeds.

Men and women try to cope with it, but their actions prove they fail. Since the dawn of civilization, mankind has never learned to live successfully with fear.

There is a reason why God said 365 times, “Fear not.” From the day of Jesus’s birth to the morning of His resurrection, a divine message was “Fear not…” Once for every day of the year.

God hates fear because only fear is what forces you under someone’s control and manipulation. You also can’t argue or wrestle fear away from people. The results are that many people would rather live in cages than risk living free.

Fear is how cultures are conquered and societies collapse. These flimsy cotton masks won’t rescue anyone from the fear inside them. To avoid an inevitable fight, don’t say a word, just smile and leave them alone.

You can only set people free from fear one person at a time by loving them despite their fearful condition. God donned a painfully imperfect human form to set us free from the fear that has so easily enslaved us.

I can’t promise to remain locked down much longer. Meanwhile, I will endeavor to be kinder to all. I will try not to be antagonized openly by fearful people who scold me for letting my nose show in public. I will also not threaten the lives of too many more quarrelsome coat-hangers.

I must remind myself, God’s got this, and He’s got me too.

A getaway beach far, far away.

One thought

  1. My pastor stated on Sunday that using the phrase, “God’s got this.” Is not useful. God does not control us or the virus. We all have free will.
    Perhaps, instead, say, “ God will be there beside you to support and walk with you through your trials. He may not prevent them from occurring, though.


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