Personal Domestic Surveillance: Breaking Free

By Michael Patrick, Ph.D.

I value your prayers as I endeavor to break free from my addictions. These are dependencies that shape moments every waking hour. They absorb my time, influence my thinking, and often put me to sleep at night.

We let our conveniences lead us to believe that our bargain with technology was neutral and fully under our control. We look for easy and ready affirmations that fit our lifestyles. Personal technology such as our cell phones and social media platforms were our friends. I’m unwilling to bet my life on it anymore.

Our real life “matrix” doesn’t need scary Agent Smith characters to manipulate and control us when a comforting Siri will do nicely. We have notifications to beep and remind us when our brains need another dose of dopamine.

In short, all-encompassing digital web and Big Tech dependencies are neither healthy nor good for us socially. As if you haven’t noticed in the latest incidents of censorships and deletions, these global companies enforce their own agendas about what we can read or say without their monitoring and approval.

The grip of surveillance by Big Tech’s “social media” is now firm. Recent events have made that abundantly clear.

I am now in the process of disconnecting, and it won’t be easy in a world that deliberately isolates and attempts to control us in ways that make us ever more dependent on them.

Personal Domestic Surveillance now collects and shares data about the smallest events and intimacies in your life. Mentally, emotionally, and biologically, it’s getting increasingly hard to let go. In case you hadn’t noticed, it has already come nearly impossible to buy or sell without it.

This is no secret conspiracy. These truths are out in the open and we buy in every time we pick up our phones—an average of 150 times a day.

I am not going “cold turkey” this Thanksgiving, but I am on my way , even with your online encouragement. Nonetheless, it’s time to break the addictions and let go while I still can and recover as much of a genuine human-to-human life as I can beyond a controlling awareness of this beast.

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One thought

  1. Hi Mike, Sounds like a big change coming up in your online presence, and possibly, phone too… hard to do, I bet! Hope you will email sometimes, keep me in the loop! Love,




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