Trump’s Secret

By Michael Patrick, Ph.D.

Are you genuinely mystified today about what strange spell that Donald Trump appears to hold over tens of millions of voters? How can he weather two impeachment trials and an election loss, and come back swinging? This poll offers hope of understanding within your grasp.

A Feb. 8th Rasmussen poll show that seven out of ten people agree that “political elites” believe that they are superior to everyday Americans. Only 11 percent disagree and 17 percent aren’t sure.

Rassmussen’s latest poll of 1200 voters reveals that “Seventy-eight percent of men think that political elites view themselves as superior. So do 68% of women.”

Is it rural versus city dwellers? No. This outlook is shared by 77% of suburban voters, 70% in cities, and 66% in rural America.

There is a notable difference between private and public sector employees. Eight of out ten of private sector workers believe that political elites think that they are superior. Only six in ten government-paid employees feel likewise.

As I’ve said repeatedly: The divide is not red and blue: it is about culture and values. None of the icons in media or politics are visibly ready to build those bridges. Trump gets it in his bones.

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