The Capital Fears the “Neanderthals” in the Districts

By Michael Patrick, Ph.D.

“The Shaman is coming!”
Remember these Sad Sacks —that mob bristling with selfie sticks, red caps, and New Age chants, who burst in and disrupted Congress in session? Nancy and the press called it an “armed insurrection” or “coup attempt”?
Evidently, this gaggle of misfits left Capital dwellers with nightmares.
Remember when the Wild Bunch failed to show as the FBI predicted to disrupt Biden’s Inaugural? Then they didn’t come back as the FBI predicted again recently for some Qanon holiday?Our poor Capital City is still bed wetting in fright a mob might return.
So the Pentagon has authorized a small army of a few thousand reservists to hang out and presumably read aloud comforting bedtime stories.
Of course, this is sobering stuff when “Neanderthals” don’t behave. After all, someone was needlessly shot dead at point-blank range. Others died too, but it’s all a bit murky.

Word on the street is that Presidents Putin and Xi can hardly sleep at night imagining how a similarly “armed” tribe might have overthrown their way of life in an afternoon.

May everyone stay safely in their homes and only hug loved ones if you are properly taking your vaccines . We will get through this trauma. Sadly, things might never quite be the same again.

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