Sponsored? Balderdash!

By Michael Patrick, Ph.D.

Counting down the days until the U.S. bound 2021 Done With Covid Tour kicks off. Lithuania’s fearful lockdown remains in effect: cannot leave your city, and people are watching who comes and goes from your home. Sigh.

Nonetheless, my media posts are amusing me. All three social platforms: #Wordpress, #LinkedIn, and #Instagram have decided without inquiry that I must be a professionally “sponsored” writer, and they told me so. All balderdash, I assure you. Nobody pays me a buffalo nickel for my writing, directly or indirectly. They simply object to my writing and they have promised to nuke stuff within 30 days of posting. The post that evidently most annoyed them lately was a piece criticizing the film industry for a long legacy of stereotyping Asians.

Provoking our Social Media minders and busybodies appears to be my life’s calling whether I want it or not. Might as well relish in the moments. Meanwhile, I need to escape someplace where the weather is not colder than my ice cubes.

Two ancient catch-phrases spring to mind: “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you” and “Keep on Truckin!”

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