Word Paladin: Social Media Trouble-maker

Life sometimes disrupts our lives as a way of moving us forward.

Once upon a time, As the brash editor of a student newspaper, I wrote a story about the psyc department chair, exposing misbehavior. Beyond the controversy, I hadn’t stop to think that I hadn’t taken his mandatory class yet. That uproar pushed me to change majors and become a journalist by trade.

Recently, I’ve been falsely accused by LinkedIn, Instagram, and WordPress of being a paid hack planting stories on their sites without declaring my stories as sponsored, branded content. They have promised close monitoring and consequences if I don’t fess up and reveal my sponsors.

It’s a completely false and defamatory charge. I do not get a nickel, directly or indirectly, for any of my social media musings, images, or content. Yet the timing across all three sites suggests a VIP or organization has taken offense to things I’ve said and lodged dodgy complaints.

The result is that I am now starting research on what it might take to cash in on my bad-boy rep and get sponsors. I’m not well-suited for selling exercise routines, a cooking show, or diet supplements. I’m not calming enough for regular inspirational pieces. Travel perhaps, but who has the serious budget for that?

Whats left? Recommendations?

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