Who shows me what unconditional love looks like? Who endures me at my worst? Who is always joyful to see me? Who trusts me? Who always defends me? Who makes me laugh? Who inspires me to write stories? Who not only loves me, but likes to just be next to me?

Jeeves died today.
Gently at home in my daughter’s arms.

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  1. Oh Mike…My ❤️ hurts for your loss. I am so very sorry….Hard for words to come together. The pain is known all to well, but oh those beautiful memories!

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  2. O Mike! I am so, so sorry! He was a gallant companion, and the cutest thing ever. A sad event. I have sometimes wondered if He will give us our former pets in the new earth… I reckon if we would miss them, He will give them.. In any case, may I please offer my condolences Mike. 🧡❤️🧡 Margaret


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  3. The Craib family is saddened by the news of Jeeves’ passing. We know the sorrow of losing such a dear and cherished member of our family. Scottish terriers are a truly a gift from heaven. Here’s hoping your loving memories of the time you spent with Jeeves will comfort you for the rest of your life.

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