Godzilla versus King Kong

Michael Patrick, Ph.D.

The last time I made mention about the film industry in context of the Chinese market and Hollywood’s decades-long penchant for stereotyping Asians, I got my whacked with a ruler by Social Media.

They claimed that I must be on the take. They wanted to know who was paying me. Ha! Evidently, despite widespread racism against Asians, I offended someone by calling it out.

Here we go again. The topic is watching King Kong and Godzilla. No spoilers, I promise.
I visited Skull Island last year so I was primed. I thoroughly enjoyed watching these two bad boys duke it out in Hong Kong. Poor Hong Kong is in the news a lot these days.

Suspend belief and enjoy the show. Besides, if you’re reading social media, you already had to suspend belief a long time ago. This film gets my Thumbs Up for pure fun.

This is not a sponsored post.

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