The Price of Living In A Free Country

By Michael Patrick, Ph.D.

I dropped one more social media platform last night after reading about another ridiculous act of censorship. These “know better than you” social media titans have all gotten way too big for their britches.

Evidently Trump, the Pillow guy, and a gaggle of others are launching their own soon, called “Frank”. Yeah, it will quickly attract all the antlered lads, the deplorables, and disgruntled, cranky ones you’ll never see on the networks. The horribly offensive stuff too. And about half of America.

Once upon a time, all sorts of people were allowed in the town square. We were taught rhetoric in school where we learned to discern the lies and the extremes on all sides. We called it an act of citizenship. It was the responsibility that came as the price of living in a free country. We didnt delegate to self-appointed elites to do the thinking for us.

These days, adult thinking is not required. You must pass muster with the “woke” crowd on everything from government regulations to social controls. Today, they even regulate and censor what scandals are acceptable to mention.

No thank you. I’d rather sift and decide for myself what to check out and read.

I wish the new platform well. It’s time for more diversity, freer voices, and less thought control across the spectrum.

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