Civilization, by What Measure?

By Michael Patrick, Ph.D.

We are tempted to measure our civilizations by our projections of power—industry, technology, financial, military, education, and fashionable ideologies.

Distill the issues in today’s headlines, and we find that we measure each other by every sort of silliness that won’t really matter much in the end.

Do we seek a divinely transformed heart? What we witness in our relationships within our own families and communities, not what we chase in our vain projections, are all that lasts.

As a culture, it’s painfully evident that we are no greater than those before us, only noisier. Those talking heads on the news remain every bit as vain, empty, mean-spirited, bitter, envious, and sad today as the previous generations whom they despise.

Embrace the humilities of heaven and your moments on earth may, by Grace, prove of lasting value, less regretful, and truly worthwhile.

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