Sticking with Science and the Experts

By Michael Patrick, Ph.D

I finally got up enough nerve to tell my Lithuanian girlfriend that I was leaving town for awhile on business. She told me she would be waiting for me when i returned as long as I didnt get “involved” while I was on the road. I assured her I am well past my “sell by” date.
My handler was less sanguine when I informed him that I was hitting the road a day earlier than expected due to unavoidable changes. He gave me his stoic stare, which means I’m skating on thin ice with the fellow.
Both of them asked me why I was wearing my mask outdoors.
I replied that this week, I saw President Biden wearing his mask outdoors by himself and also on a Zoom call with Presidents Putin and Xi, who both had the audacity to go maskless.
Besides, Fauci says only a vaccination can prevent you from catching Covid outside in a stiff breeze.
Im sticking with science and the experts and wearing my mask. You know me, a rules follower to the end!😎

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