On The Road!

By Michael Patrick, Ph.D.

We hit the road starting tomorrow! The first stop on this pre-Tour jaunt takes me via a lovely express train to one of Europe’s Top Ten most beautiful small cities, Vilnius, Lithuania.
We have lined up an extraordinary Vilnius experience and our first surprise guest, who will join me there. The Tour officially kicks off on May 7th in South Beach Miami, but this weekend’s pre-show offers a memorable way to get rolling!

There are no sponsors for my posts or the coming series of posts. Our now-infamous swimsuit post about how horrifically out-of-shape I am to face the beach earned us global attention among friends in several countries when FB’s manic censorship got poor Microft Holmes tossed off Facebook. Jeepers, FB creepers! Hard to beat an entertaining endorsement like that!

We’ve gotten offers from people volunteering to repost and “bootleg” reshare our coming episodes on Facebook!

Stay tuned for Sunday’s first pre-show for “The 2021 “Done With Covid” Tour”. By the way — the show has nothing to do with Covid—we just like saying “Covid” because it’s a great new swear word that alarms the knuckleheads.😎😂

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