Monday, Monday

Left Vilnius at dawn. I was wearing a nice mask issued by my university and a bandana. That wasnt enough on board the plane. They insisted I wear one of their lame “medical masks” (which it isn’t really) so now wearing three masks😂. Stuck me in an emergency row where I’ll likely be swearing in both English and German if anything goes haywire with the flight.
Finally took a break on a bench with another weary traveler in Frankfurt airport.
I’m now amusing myself by watching the gate chaos for a flight soon bound for India—good luck, fellas. Better you than me.
This masked man finally rides up late tonight in Hole-in-the-Wall, Oregon.
A man needs a strong sense of humor when surrounded by panicky controllers all day. Sigh.😎

2 Thoughts

  1. My 14 yr old granddaughter has to wear a mask while running district track meets! Idiots.

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