Vilnius Day 2: Up, Up, and Away!

By Michael Patrick, Ph.D.

Whether one realizes it or not, our human nature possesses a divine, creative streak. Some of us may not embrace how we express what was deposited in us by birth until much later in our lives.

Our 2021 pre-Tour started with this episode in Vilnius, Lithuania, where we caught up with friend and fellow traveler Jurgita Gerlikaite. As an artist, Gita exposes through her work one’s heart and spirit —the one that so many of us try to hide away. She grew up in a famous family of artisans who nurtured her creative gifts. Today, her artworks have graced galleries worldwide.

We enjoyed an early morning balloon ride over one of the most beautiful small cities in Europe.

Here’s my latest adventure:

Equinox Moon

Our pilot, Vytautas, of Balloons, Vilnius, offered us this exquisite aerial backdrop for our conversation.

I encourage you to visit Gita’s extraordinary work at her site,

This is a personal post and pre-tour fun. No sponsorship or reimbursements are provided for any of my posts. Our full series begins in South Beach, Miami on May 7th.

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Meditation XVI
Dubai Bur Corniche

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