Who is that Masked Man?

Some boys grow up honing their sports skills. Others are adept with tools or musical instruments. I entertained myself by perfecting the art of selectively provoking control freaks.

I suspected that wearing multiple mask layers, often my signature bandana with a high-quality surgical mask, would not go over well on the airlines.

I was right, it didn’t. Controllers simply can’t handle non-conformity. This trip, I’ve switched up the styles and number of masks periodically. At one point, despite wearing two masks, I was directed to wear a lame cotton “medical mask,” which affords nearly no protection and begins to disinigrate into particles within an hour. So I added it as one more mask without removing any, which led to visible consternation.

Another time, an attendant asked me to wear my masks in a particular order. I smiled and retired the bandana to a simple neckwrap and kept three different masks layered. They restrained themselves, but the flame of irritation nearly made their eyes glow.

Poking controllers has passed the time for me since the First grade. Today’s “woke” world of fear and manipulation has become an amusingly target-rich environment. It’s the simple pleasures that help make life worthwhile.

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