The most important reporting on Covid that you will read.

By Michael Patrick, Ph.D.

Having written on Covid-19 and reported findings in concert with Canadian researcher Dr. Kevin Craib, an epidemiologist and statistician, I am urgently recommending that you watch or read this report. This thorough and detailed journalistic work finally, finally, finally surfaces the clues on whose fingerprints remain on the successive steps that led to the Covid-19 pandemic.

This is not a hoax. One of the most respected science writers in U.S. journalism has penned the critical opening to this investigation. He offers clues, not conclusions. Such careful scientific and journalistic reasoning should not be dismissed from discussion in social media. Here is Must Reading of reporting by Nicholas Wade:

Take this in carefully. Your world has been rocked irreparably and you deserve to know who and why.

Here’s a VIDEO Summary with additional context that will certainly draw political fire. Nonetheless, I challenge you to not so readily dismiss Wade’s reporting and the coincidental nature of the foxes running the henhouse.

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