Facebook Boots Millions

By Michael Patrick, Ph.D.

Not a sponsored post.

Facebook actually brags that they booted millions of American voices from its social media site in this past year.

My writing with a Canadian epidemiologist and his research on Covid, my missives on China, and my silly promotional coverage of my then-upcoming “2021 End of Covid Tour” (which had nothing to do with Covid— only sunburns) all likely provoked FB to finally wash their nasty hands of me with a “permanent” and “no appeal” ban from their platform.

I dealt with less nonsense online when navigating China’s strict political minders when I lived there. What FB clearly has in store for its members is no less dangerously manipulative.

If these nerds armed with their version of “Artificial Intelligence” can’t handle thoughtful free speech and humor, they are not building the sort of free future that I would sanction with more time or energy. FB is proving itself unhealthy for democracy and “no country for old men.”


One thought

  1. They will run the day…someday. we reap what we sow.

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