The Stories Behind the Mask

By Michael Patrick, Ph.D.

Throughout history, when scientists play politics and people die, the cover-ups are never pretty. When only one narrow set of “the facts and science” are permitted and all else is censored, slandered or hidden behind a mask of science, it makes matters much worse.

Just saying “I told you so” is never really satisfying either. I do recall getting scratched by Facebook for daring to post about the spin and duplicities, and whose fingerprints were left behind in the Wuhan lab leak story several months ago.

For the usual suspects in the press and social media platforms who prefer to serve as hand-maidens in the reconstruction of our lives to their own liking, feel free to follow along. In the coming months, you will hear what happens when your actions assisted in the cover up of one of the deadliest global scandals in modern history.

One thought

  1. One wonders what other ‘conspiracy theories” & what “misinformation” will prove true…

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