Nicholas Wade breaks open the Covid-19 Origins story.

By Michael Patrick, Ph.D.

The most expert science journalist on Covid-19 today is Nicholas Wade, formerly of the New York Times.

He broke open the Covid Origin story and the partisan press starts backing off calling lab leaks and western complicity a conspiracy theory. Here’s an interview with Wade, wherein you see how he weighs his words succintly based on the emerging evidence.

I highly recommend watching this interview and, if you want further detail, reading his extraordinary article on the twists and turns among western health leaders and scientists who actively obscured the truth from emerging earlier.

Nicholas Wade

Here’s Wade’s in-depth article:

Wuhan lab leak looks ‘likely’ based on available evidence: Fmr. NY Times writer. Here’s Wade’s television interview:

One thought

  1. One wonders how many other “conspiracy theories’ & ‘misinformation” will be found to be factual in the days & times to come…

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