Pet Peeve: Labels and Name-Calling

By Michael Patrick, Ph.D.

Pet Peeve: Journalists and the corporations they work for are proving increasingly illiterate these days.
One of the horribly bad habits of today’s partisan journalists is to universally label social and political tribes by terms that reflect the journalists own biases.
For example, how does the journalist distinguish between the terms conservative, right, and far right, or are these simply perjorative choices? What does the word “extreme” mean or is just a word to identify those whom you don’t like?
What is the difference between liberal, progressive, socialist, or communist? The public should demand that journalists define what they mean, if they insist on attaching their own labels.
Some day, should the news corporations and our social media tribes ever hope to return to true dialogue and debate, you can start by defining your horribly evident prejudices with greater accuracy.
Otherwise, you are shooting your own trustworthiness in the foot.

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