Life Answers Us With Infertility

By Michael Patrick, Ph.D.

Some people are struggling to have children and cannot. Others imagine that they are doing themselves a favor by skipping children. If the article linked below is accurate, life is way ahead of all of us on that score and you may soon no longer have any choice in the matter. Human biology is rejecting the way we have chosen to live.

The fixed realities of biology and chemistry are weighing in on today’s bizarre lifestyle choices. We think nothing of ingesting or injecting whatever we please without a clue of what these chemicals are doing to us, The result: humans to rapidly becoming infertile.

Like it or not, life as we’ve known it won’t survive this trend. We have some hard choices to make for the futures of our children and grandchildren. No flood to wipe out mankind this time. Biology simply stops cooperating with our collective arrogance.

May God have mercy on our souls and our children’s futures.

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