Is it Safe to visit America?

By Michael Patrick, Ph.D.

Armed robber and convicted felon violates parole and pulls gun, shot dead. Reaction? Minneapolis residents muster to take it out on local businesses, looting and burning. Evidentally, for many Minnesotans, this is what passes for a Memorial Day Sale.
When Europeans ask me if it’s safe to visit the United States now that Covid is subsiding for the season, I reply, depends on where. America Is only a few notches shy of turning full-on zombie in some cities.

A year ago
June, 2021
June 2021

One thought

  1. Astounding… is a picture of the increase of “lawlessness” that will characterize the end times, combined with delusion. Of course that lawlessness refers to violations of, rebelling against, God’s laws… and this destruction of property, etc., certainly falls in that category.



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