By Michael Patrick, Ph.D.

Be wary in your postings with “social media” organizations.
As a well-traveled journalist, I am keenly aware of the genuine threats to basic human freedoms when powerful forces enlist citizens to snoop, collect information, and report secretly on their neighbors.
I’m old enough to remember where sowing distrust in a population leads. Throughout history, it never ends well. Younger generations of Americans never learned about the practices and dangers of “closed” countries where neighbors snoop on neighbors, papers are required to move freely on the street, and private data becomes the currency of the powerful. You only mean to trade in friendships; others trade in propaganda, suspicion, and control.
Step-by-deliberate-step, Americans are now getting well-acclimated to building their own version of such nefarious and dangerous organizations. Those who think nothing of it now will discover in a handful of years a long and hard lesson in human history— freedoms forefeited today will not return easily for our children’s children.
—Mr. Crankypants here.😎😁
Happy Fourth of July!🇺🇸

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