The Gravel Road Ahead

When I visited America this time after months abroad, things had changed noticeably.

The Culture Wars have festered. It grows more fierce by the day and no one is immune. America is choosing to become a more angry, unhappy, and unsafe place for children and the innocent. In venal self-righteousness, nothing is sacred nor untouched by ugliness, envy, and hatred. A poisonous media only exploits the worst of it.

Yet, I also found streams of love, faith, and resolve below the surface. God is preparing His people to endure what many of us see coming now. We must separate, sustain, and forgive every day. Where sin abounds, grace and faith will flourish even more.

I sense hardship and harvest ahead. The gravel road will not prove easy. God shows me that we must make the difficult choices to prune our lives and live as wheat among the tares.

God bless you for your many moments of prayer and encouragement. May He walk alongside you on your journey.

2 Thoughts

  1. I agree we must toughen up and stand strong in this battle for our constitutional rights and freedoms. Our forefathers fought for us, and now we must do it for not only ourselves, but also for our children and grandchildren. Our lives are not our own; they are in the hands of Almighty God! Help us Lord to be bold and courageous! Thy kingdom come!

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