Art and Coffee

Found a wonderful local artist whose works adorn a new coffee shop. I picked out a few of her postcards to take with me. Like art often does, her work evokes memories of moments with friends. Hey, Oregon…Isn’t that a lovely one of you, fair Fairie queen?😎 I brought home a few originals from enchanted lands west of Mordor, but I must locate a reliable local framer. No doubt the lady knows the score. Will text her for recommendations. If you know someone here in this Elven village, please message me?

3 Thoughts

  1. Ask your artist friend if she can make a giclee from a postcard. That’s a reproduction on canvas of the original and can be made any size. You don’t have to have a traditional frame either; you can simply have it wrapped around canvas which is wrapped around a wooden frame. They look like the originals but are much cheaper because you can reproduce many copies and vary the sizes. We sell mostly giclees from the originals where I work because of the more reasonable pricing.

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