One of my favorite things is to help connect people and their creative passions. Want to know someone’s passion? Just show interest and listen.
HR people shouldn’t overly stress about asking clever questions and examining lines on a stale resume. Resumes are mostly written for “box” people. Look for the “out of the box” people. Look for what wakes them up and infuses them with life and energy first.
While ordering at my coffee shop, it hardly took a word to get the barista started. She talked about her love of designing “sustainable” clothes and a smidge of modeling. Soon, she had her phone in hand showing me her favorite pieces.
The energy pours out.
For me, that’s what teaching is really about. Listen with your heart first.
Forgotton what that creative spark looks like amid all of today’s negativity raining on everyone’s parade?
Here’s a legendary reminder:

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