Netflix and Coming Covid Attractions

Speaking of unemployment…

Big organizations are following their leaders and firing good employees who haven’t succumbed to threats to sign up for the next regimen of experimental vaccines. Also, Americans aren’t on universal strike. Meanwhile, I thought you might like to know what are your latest options on Netflix.

During last year’s business shutdowns, I binged a series called “Fauda”, starring Lior Raz. It’s about an Israeli counter-terrorist team. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but is may be too intense for many friends.

Lior Raz is back in “Hit and Run,” another dramatic action series that opens in Israel. First episodes look great.

Now, if Biden will do us all a favor and order up another “free” check or two this fall, no worries. Meanwhile, the majority government and Big Pharma can stick their little needles wherever they like 😱😎

P.S. I’m already vaccinated. You’re welcome.

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